What we do

The world needs the IT industry to change its impact on this planet. MatKon Data is determined to help and inform established IT infrastructure suppliers who seek to maintain improvement of technology, without compromising what matters most.

Did you know?

About 55 million tons of e-waste is yearly produced worldwide, and growing. Northern Europeans are way ahead of other regions, when it comes to consumption of new electronics

IT, environment and raw material – we will deliver know-how in all three areas, which is necessary to create a truly circular business model. To us, a holistic and yet flexible approach is the only way this can be done.

Did you know?

Around 80% of all e-waste ends up in the poorest parts of Asia, Africa and South America, being recycled manually and with great health risks and direct damage to the surrounding environment. 

We are mostly concerned with the underlying causes behind the global problem of e-waste. That means securing a local loop of hardware, prolonging the lifespan and cleaning up the mess that has been made.

Did you know?

Virtually all plastics from e-waste is burned. Today, “Recycling” means burning the plastic for energy in return. However, the energy recovered is by far exceeded by the energy usage from making a new, similar plastic module.